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Our Court Tennis Club is a small, private, equity-owned club with two indoor tennis courts.  As a member-owned club, members have 24/7 access to the facilities and unlimited play without additional court fees (excluding lessons and selected special events).  Membership is a one-time purchase with the right to sell or relinquish back to the club at any time.  Annual maintenance fees are assessed each year by the Board of Directors.  To play at Our Court, become an Equity Member, Associate Member, or Guest, or purchase playing rights from a member.


Full voting rights and privileges. As an equity owner, you become part of the group of people who helps make sure Our Court is the best place to play tennis in the Upper Valley. 

An ownership share may be purchased from the club for a one-time fee of $350  


Annual Maintenance Fee: $750.00  (incl. VT sales tax)

Pro-rated maintenance fees will be applied in accordance with purchase date.

Juniors - A Junior Player is an add-on to an Equity Membership as a one-year purchase for a 12-18 year old for access/use of the facility, and is non-transferrable. Junior Players do not have access to the court reservation system and must be accompanied on-site by an adult. Junior rates: $125 per year, $100 for each additional child in the same family; free for all juniors 11 and under


Non-voting member with playing access for a defined period of time.

Associate Memberships may be purchased at any time from the club: 

3 MONTH- $375

6 MONTH - $650

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Our Court members may host fully vaccinated guests for $15 a session. Each guest may play twice a month.

Guests are also invited to participate in club-sponsored events, socials, clinics, and team events.

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